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Greg Moran’s Story

“Happiness is in your head,’ - Greg Moran.

Greg Moran broke his neck in a collapsed rugby maul in 1983 but has led a full life since. Source: News Corp Australia

UNABLE to move his body, Greg Moran lay flat on his back, stared at the blank hospital ceiling and decided he would flourish.

The other option was too grim to comprehend for someone born with a glass half-full disposition.

A collapsing maul had rendered this promising rugby union player a quadriplegic at the age of 15.

It was 1983 and if the Riverview student was going to be confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life, here on this hospital bed he promised he was at least going to make it memorable.

It’s an inspirational message he wants to whisper in the ear of Newcastle Knights player Alex McKinnon as doctors determine whether he will be able to walk again.

Greg Moran is an inspiration for those coming to terms with life in a wheelchair. Source: News Corp Australia

“While it will be a massive shock for he and his family, sometimes in these situations, people flourish. Some people have an injury and never recover from it. Others see it as a stepping stone,’’ Moran said.

greg moran rugby union

“When I was at school I loved playing footy but I never thought I would go to university. Exploring the academic side took me down a path I never would’ve taken. You can flourish in a different way.’’

The rugby league community continues to support Alex McKinnon after reports that the Newcastle back-rower has been diagnosed as a quadriplegic, with the Men of League saying they’ll do what they can to help the Knights player and his family.

With his dreams of becoming a professional sportsman dead, Moran set to work building an extensive portfolio of work and pursuits.

He completed an arts degree, a design diploma, became a painter (using a brush in his mouth), a renowned short-film script writer (typing with a stick in his mouth), ran a promising winery at Doonkuna Estate, studied viticulture, got married, became a counsellor; and did it all with persistence, panache, and confidence.

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