Imagine Me Creative Workshop

The MYSCI creative photography workshop is a new arts program for people with a spinal cord injury.

It is now called Imagine Me and was created by Sue Murray, a professional photographer and lecturer. Imagine Me includes an introduction to photography and using Photoshop computer software, with the main focus that each person produce a creative self-portrait that portrays any personal aspect or the impact of spinal cord injury.

Details about the Imagine Me workshops are available at:

Greg Killeen – Domino Effect

greg killeen rugby union

After acquiring a spinal cord injury many years ago resulting in quadriplegia, I have needed to advocate to address various issues that are negatively impacting on the quality of life

of people with a spinal cord injury (and people with physical disability in general). As bad attitudes towards people with disability can be the cause of many other barriers, I wanted my image to portray the ‘domino effect’ of removing or changing bad attitudes which can lead to removing discrimination, inequity and barriers etc.

Greg Killeen, March 2014

Imagine Me Mark Tonga

Mark Tonga


Greg Moran