John Eales – Hearts in Union Patron

I have great pleasure in being the patron of Hearts in Union, the foundation set up by Rocky Mileto to assist those with permanent injuries from playing Rugby Union. 

Rocky’s story is an inspiration to everyone; unfortunately in life, people have accidents and go through tough times – we have all seen it far too often.

But in life it’s not about the cards you are dealt but how you play them.

I first met Rocky when he was in rehabilitation from his accident in 1996 and was greatly inspired by his optimism and spirit. We met once again four or five years later and have stayed in close contact since.

Rocky once wrote to another Rugby player similarly injured and said “If you focus on what you’ve lost, you’ll never get out of bed.” Rocky has always focused on what he has and with this has achieved remarkable things; he has completed a law degree, is employed with the Department of Commerce and in his spare time has fathered twin boys, Rocco and Marco with his beautiful wife Derani and has also launched Hearts in Union.

The foundation itself is not about Rocky but its inspiration comes from him and his irrepressible spirit and I have no doubt that it will support many people in need.

I would like to thank everyone in Orange for their inexhaustible efforts in fundraising. This is the second major event for this foundation and I encourage everyone to get involved in any way they can

Kind regards,
John Eales